Men's Skincare: Step up your Grooming Ritual

Men's skincare is one of the biggest trends of the the 21st century, and with good reason.

The modern man is becoming more passionate about achieving complexion, and being a well groomed man starts with a hydrated and radiant skin.

Male skin has larger pores, more collagen and produces more sweat than a women's. Put all those factors together and it can attract a considerable amount of dirt.

Men's skincare is thicker and tougher with larger follicles than women. Due to the extra testosterone in men, it contributes to more dirt, oil and dirt blocking pores. 

Moisturising is only half of the hydration equation. Your skin needs moisture from the inside out, we suggest drinking six to eight glasses of H20 a day along with our Black Leopard Moisturiser.

Did you know your lips grow thinner as you age? This happens as the collagen production decreases. The Black Leopard Lip Balm has an amazing ingredient called "Hirulip" that enhances moisturisation of the lip, producing a long term fill effect and prevents premature aging. Perfect for those dry chapped lips

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