The Perfect Shave

Grooming is important and while many men take the extra time to do it, some are still missing some crucial steps during the process. Some of the steps are overlooked, while others are grooming techniques that are being executed incorrectly.

Whether you have sensitive skin or not, properly prepping it before you shave is a wise decision.  


Firstly if you have long stubble, thick stubble or even a beard, trim it right down. The shorter the hair the less work the blade has got to do to get through it causing less friction and irritation. 


Once you have done this, use your fingers to find out which direction your hair goes cause that is the way you going to shave.


Soften your stubble

Start off by wetting your face with warm water, now use the Black Leopard 2 in 1 Shave Gel, it cleans your skin and also supplies a shaving lather. 



The idea is long gentle strokes with the grain, not against. You not going to get as close a shave as you would going against the grain, you doing it this way to decrease the chances of friction and irritation. Rinse the blade when it fills with hair as this will help it to glide easier. 

Close your pores

When finish rinse it with cold water, this closes the pores up and also sooth your skin and cool it down after its quiet warm now. 

After Shave Balm

You've actually done a fair bit of damage with those blades, you've drawn oil and moisture out of your skin so you want to put something back in there that is not only replacing the oils that you've lost but also help reduce the redness and inflammation caused from shaving.


Try avoid products containing alcohol as alcohol dries out your skin.

The Perfect Choice

The Black Leopard After Shave Balm is the perfect choice. It contains anti inflammatory, anti fungal and anti bacterial. Softens the skin and helps avoid that redness. 

Massage into skin

Pump it into your hand, into your finger tips and then on to your face. 

So gentleman that is a quick guide  on the perfect shave. Purchase your Black Leopard Shave Pack 

We have you covered from work to play....








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